“Embrace change, always thinking of others, with creativity, fluid communication and agile execution,”




Tailor-made, on how to organize projects and lead teams, for executives and entrepreneurs. He combines the concepts in a simple language with multiple teaching dynamics, and strengthens reflection, encourages discussion about the experiences and doubts of each
participant regarding the experiences they have.

In business organization and management of business projects. Tailor-made management solutions thanks to a wide network of collateral service providers. Build an agile structure in companies focused on the execution of their strategy. Advice on the implementation of Project Offices aligned to the culture and focused on the execution of the strategy (PMO).

Custom designed, dynamic and didactic conferences on project management, soft skills, among others; surpassing the results expected by the audience.

Manuel Ortiz de Zevallos

Manuel Ortiz de Zevallos

Engineer and Master in Executive Management. International speaker, mentor, teacher, director and entrepreneur. Internationally Certified as Professional Project Manager (PMP®).

Passionate about projects, he combines strategy with execution with multinational experience. Extensive experience in telecommunications and mining projects. He has chaired important nonprofit associations and served on boards of directors. Martial behavior (Black belt in Aikido).

Wide network of contacts as a member of the worldwide network of BNI® Professional Networking entrepreneurs.

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Manuel Ortiz de Zevallos


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Manuel Ortiz de Zevallos


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